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Unified TxDOT Planning Services for Your Planning & Schematic Projects

Providing Prime Firms with Success for

TxDOT Work Categories 1.1.1, 1.3.1, and 1.4.1

Focused On The End User

Foresight's Planning & Communication Team unifies your planning approach to help you succeed with TxDOT on:

  • 1.1.1  Policy Planning

  • 1.3.1  Subarea/Corridor Planning

  • 1.4.1. Land Planning/Engineering

Your team's plan to meet TxDOT's goals and benefit the end user is our main focus.

In this webinar we will cover


"Foresight goes beyond checking boxes and truly works to drive project progress through planning success. They keep our focus on the end user.

Foresight's expertise in the planning phase helped us see potential problems before they occurred and produced better recommendations to the client than we would have without Foresight. Rather than just producing a planning document to check the box, Foresight focused on value to the end user.

Their departments also cross-review projects, allowing their scheduling and geotechnical departments to help us keep the post-planning phase goals front and center to our work.

I highly recommend their planning team and personally look forward to working with them again."


- Craig Toth, PE, HNTB, TITLE ON PROJECT, TxDOT WIN-VC project official name.


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