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Our Team

At Foresight, we invest in your future through innovation and meaningful partnerships. Our team’s experience is wide and far-reaching. With strong experience in geotechnical engineering, scheduling, and project and public communication we bring vision and leadership. Our goal is simple: help you achieve your project goals with experience, creativity, and “Foresight.”


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Erin leads the creative, planning, communications, and strategy development functions of Foresight Planning & Engineering, LLC. She has more than 20 years of experience in the public and private sector as a planner and public involvement project manager. Through these roles, she has helped communities and agencies develop targeted strategies and comprehensive plans to address specific needs and ensure long-term sustainability. 

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Michael Watry, P.E.
Vice President

Michael leads the operations and production functions of Foresight Planning & Engineering, LLC. He has 20 years of experience covering a wide range of organizational roles, including engineering design, project control, and organizational management. By using a unique combination of both practical and technological tools, he has helped many clients effectively manage scope, time, risk, and quality of infrastructure planning and construction projects.

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Geotechnical Team

Marcus Galvan, P.E.
Geotechnical Engineering Services Manager

Marcus brings industry-leading experience to the Foresight team. He has over 32 years of experience spanning a broad range of structural, material, geotechnical, and construction activities. He worked in the Geotechnical Branch of the Texas Department of Transportation’s Bridge Division and has private sector experience as a former principal owner of Corsair Consulting, LLC.

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Matthew Miller, P.E.
Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Matt has worked in various aspects of the geotechnical field for over 21 years.  He previously served as a construction materials testing manager and geotechnical engineer for Terracon in the Houston and Bryan-College Station offices, as well as a principal owner of Corsair Consulting, LLC in Austin. 

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Rafael Menendez, P.E.
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Joshua Hubbard, P.E.
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Horacio Montejano, P.E.
Geotechnical Engineer-in-Training
Christian Oritz
Geotechnical Engineering Technician
Christian Oritz
Geotechnical Engineering Technician
Luis Cordoba
Geotechnical Graduate Engineer
Jorge Beltran, P.E.
Geotechnical Engineer
Angel de la Cruz Reyes
Geotechnical Engineer-in-Training
Luis Salgado
Geotechnical Engineer-in-Training
Meredith Normand
Geotechnical Engineer-in-Training

Planning & Communications Team

Marc Shepherd
Senior Communications Lead

Marc brings to Foresight more than 30 years of communications experience in both the public and private sectors. This experience includes TxDOT communications, media, and public relations, writing, and strategic planning.

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Catherine Cousar
Policy Analyst/Project Support Specialist
Shannon Murphy
Planner/Public Involvement Specialist
Patricia Kelly
Planning Specialist

Project Controls & Scheduling Team

Ruben Anchondo, P.E., PMP
Senior Engineer/Project Manager

Ruben is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas and a seventeen-year veteran of the transportation industry. Prior to joining Foresight in May 2019, he spent his career in the public sector with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). ​

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Jen Guadalupe
Construction Scheduler
Jeff Wagner
Construction Project Specialist
Tim Glass
Construction Project Specialist
Callie Norris
Construction Scheduler
Cynthia Serna
Construction Scheduler/
Visual Communications Specialist
Cynthia Serna
Construction Scheduler/
Visual Communications Specialist

Business Operations & Support Team

Jason Reeves, P.E.
Business Operations Manager

Jason leads Foresight’s business operations. With more than a decade of geotechnical and construction engineering services and management experience, he has a broad understanding of client needs and challenges throughout the project process. Jason brings a strong ability to develop well-rounded technical teams. ​

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Abby Smithson 
Technical Writer/Documentation Specialist 
Jackie Sartor
Business Development Director

Jackie Sartor is a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, business development, event and conference planning, business communications, public and media relations, social media marketing, promotions, advertising, fundraising, writing, and photography. 

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Shannon Casati
Contract Specialist
Katie Clark, M.Ed.,PHR           
Human Resources Manager